Amer Sports has transferred 290,596 of its treasury shares to its personnel who participate in various performance share and stock incentive programs instituted in 2010 and 2013. This leaves Amer with 1,131,756 own shares, or 0.95 percent of the whole equity. Meanwhile, Amer's board of directors has approved a new policy to distribute an attractive dividend depending on the company's performance, improved profitability and cash flow. The dividend of €0.45 per share proposed by the board for 2014 is 12.5 percent higher than for the previous year and represents 57 percent of the earnings per share. It was approved at the company's general meeting on March 12, which confirmed Anssi Venjoki as chairman of the board. The number of directors has been expanded to eight with the addition of a new board member, Lisbeth Valther Pallesen.