Frasteya and Lafreto have announced they are merging, with immediate effect. The new joint company that results from the merger of the two French physical players, specializing in outdoor and board sports, is called 113Outdoor. As reported by, Frasteya will be the majority shareholder while Lafreto will hold a minority stake in the new company. Their respective stakes have not been unveiled. The three Sport 2000 stores and the four Degrifsport stores, currently in Frasteya’s orbit, are not involved in the transaction. The top executives of 113Outdoor will include Yannick Morat (Frasteya) as the company’s president, Frédéric Morel (Lafreto) as managing director and Franck Wesse as deputy managing director, according to’s information. The report also indicates that the employees of the former two entities (220 permanent contracts and 30 fixed-term contracts in total) have all been absorbed into the new company.