As reported earlier, WearColour, a Swedish brand of anoraks, ski jackets and pants with distinctive color blocking that also owns the Void Cycling trademark, filed for bankruptcy on Feb. 11 at its own request with the Gothenburg District Court. Now Swedish media reports that Tenson, one of the iconic Scandinavian outdoor brands founded in 1951, is acquiring both brands. Tenson has been owned since 2016 by a Dutch investment group, Nedvest. Fredrik Abrahamsson, the co-founder of WearColour, was hired last year by Tenson to oversee the company’s sales and marketing efforts to reboot and rejuvenate the 70-year-old outdoor fashion brand. In April 2019, Tomas Solin and Thomas Nord joined Tenson from Salming Sports as the brand’s new CEO and creative director, respectively. Together with Fredrik Johansson, formerly WearColour’s global sales manager and now acting as a consultant, Abrahamsson, Solin and Nord will take charge of WearColour, which will change its name back to Colourwear, the original brand name, and Void Cycling. The first Void products under the new management are expected to hit the market in May, Colourwear will follow in September.