Halti has launched the Hiker Next Generation shell jacket, described by the brand as “the most sustainable product of our range to date.” The waterproof, windproof and breathable hiking jacket, which can be used in town as well, is a “mono-material product.” That means all of its fabrics and accessories are made of one single material. This feature means from the product does not need to be split up when recycling. Typically, outdoor jackets consist of different technical materials and accessories. Also for the sake of sustainability, the number of easily damageable details has been minimized, and the zipper and buttons are easy to replace, Halti said. All the information that the user would like to have regarding the jacket is printed directly on the inside instead of being attached as a hangtag, which is usually disposed of immediately after purchase. The Halti Hiker Next Generation jacket won an Ispo Outstanding Outdoor Award in summer 2019.