Odlo has joined forces with HeiQ, a Swiss specialty chemistry company, to launch a triple-action sustainable odor control technology for apparel. HeiQ Pure SPQR is derived from renewable and recycled sources. According to HeiQ's description, the “triple action” technology first delivers odor control with only one-tenth of silver-ion content of general silver-based odor control treatments. Then it impairs the metabolism of bacteria, which is what turns odorless sweat into body odor – as bio-based amino sugar polymer anchors silver-ions to amplify their performance and durability. Finally, at a microscopic level, the bio-based amino sugar polymer creates a durable barrier film around the fiber, which prevents odor compounds from sticking to the textile. HeiQ explained that 96.5 percent of the entire HeiQ Pure SPQR formulation comes from recycled and renewable sources, and that the technology is certified as 68 percent bio-based according to ISO/IEC 17025 standards. HeiQ Pure SPQR contains 0.14 percent of silver-ions as active ingredients, while most silver-based odor control treatments contain 1.4 percent, HeiQ said. Furthermore, the new technology is said to enable garments to be washed effectively at low temperatures, thereby enhancing their durability and eco-sustainability.