On Nov. 1, 2019, Lowe Alpine began purchasing only PFC-free materials for the manufacturing of its products. The brand will make full use of the short-chain C6-Perflour carbon materials still in stock but then gradually replace the materials in existing collections. It expects that most products for autumn/winter 2020 will be made with fluorocarbon-free fabrics. PFC-free equipment is difficult to render waterproof and breathable. Unlike most textile products, however, backpacks generally don't require breathability. For these and for rain covers, Lowe Alpine can use non-breathable PFC-free alternatives. Founded in 1967, Lowe Alpine has been part of Equip Outdoor Technologies since 2011 and belongs to the same group as the British outdoor apparel brand Rab. Lowe signed the EOG Sustainability Charter this year. Rab committed to the Codex of the European Down and Feather Association (EDFA) in 2012. Both brands belong to the European Outdoor Conservation Alliance (Eoca) and have signed the Eoca Plastic Pledge for Tradeshows.