Radici Group and Herno have teamed up to assess the environmental impact of a jacket, and have found that the environmental impact of an Italian one is much lower than that of a similar China-made jacket. Radici, headquartered in Bergamo, is a maker of chemical, synthetic fibers. The two companies have tracked and certified the environmental footprint of one of Herno's men's jackets and have concluded that although the production of that jacket may cost less in China, the environmental cost would be 165 percent higher than in Italy. The analysis has involved all stages of production, and the assessment has covered such elements as water and energy consumption, potential toxicity and potential contribution to climate change, including damage to the ozone layer, acid rain, oxygen depletion in seas and soil and eutrophication. According to the two companies, the study has found that the environmental cost of the jacket was €1.97, as opposed to an environmental cost for a similar jacket made in China of €5.22. Among the reasons for this gap are, according to the companies, the longer life of the Italian jacket and the fact that the kind of raw materials and energy used by a Chinese producer would increase the CO2 emissions of the China-made jacket.