Sherpa Adventure Gear is asking for donations to be made before May 31 specifically for the education of the children - about 26 of them - who lost their fathers in the tragic avalanche that killed 16 Sherpas on Mount Everest last April 18 (see our article on the subject in the last issue). The donations will be directed through the Paldorje Education Fund, a non-profit organization created by the same company in May 2012, which will also donate 10 percent of all the sales made this month through its retail sales at its own store in Kathmandu, Nepal. A substantial portion of the sales of Sherpa Adventure Gear products made at the Alpine Ascents International shop in Seattle, Washington will also benefit the program. Tashi Sherpa, founder of Sherpa Adventure Gear, set up the fund because school education is too expensive for most families in Nepal. It can go from $400 to $2,600 a year. Meanwhile, the Northwest Sherpa Association, a non-profit organization in Seattle, has decideed to host a dinner on June 8 to raise funds that will be distributed to all the immediate families of the Sherpas whose lives were taken away by the tragedy on Mount Everest. The host of honor will be Lapka Rita Sherpa, the senior guide of the Alpine Ascent and a seven-summit climber, who will share his experiences and give information about the families of the dead Sherpas.