The organic and recycled content in Timberland's apparel continues to decline. According to the brand's new CSR report, in the third quarter the percentage of organic and recycled content was roughly 7.9 percent of total textile weight as compared to 12.7 percent in the second quarter. The figure for 2014 was 19 percent, down from 37 percent in 2013. Timberland has modified the way it reports its factories' performance, which it now classifies as accepted or developmental, rather than accepted, accepted to be upgraded and rejected. In the third quarter results improved slightly from the second quarter, with 40 percent of 336 factories being rated accepted and 60 percent rated developmental. In the second quarter, 36 percent of 320 factories were rated as accepted. There were 36 new suppliers selected during the third quarter, with 96 percent scoring accepted or developmental.