Daniel Vilà, product manager at Trekkinn, the Spanish online sales platform for outdoor products, has told CMD Sport that its turnover soared by 90 percent last year. Trekkinn is integrated into Tradeinn, which sells a broader range of sporting goods and reportedly achieved sales of more than €50 million last year. Trekkinn currently boasts about 30,000 visits per day and it ships products to more than 150 countries. The sales increase was reportedly driven by the addition of important outdoor brands and the consolidation of other retailers. The company also refers to a string of measures taken in various departments at the company, as well as its new head office. Trekkinn currently offers about 150,000 products and intends to raise the number to 200,000 in the next few months. The Spanish publication further reported that about 80 percent of the orders came from the European Union. Some 20 percent of these were from customers in Spain and the two other largest markets for Trekkinn were France and the U.K.