Didriksons has recently invested in a new headquarters in Borås, Sweden, as well as in a new warehouse. The Swedish brand of rain and functional apparel was taken over in August 2018 by Adelis Equity Partners, an investment fund that acquired a majority stake from another fund managed by Herkules Capita. The parent company expects to reach total sales of €60 million in 2019. Didriksons currently employs 100 people internationally. The company opened a subsidiary in Neuss, Germany, three years ago and has four showrooms in the German market. It works with 400 retailers and 600 points of sale in Germany, including Zalando, P&C Hamburg and Sportscheck. Didriksons increased its sales in Germany by about 40 percent to €11 million in 2018. It will be launching a limited collection of parkas for men in European sneaker stores in 2020. The parka, priced at €400, is limited to 150 pieces.