66° North sealed a distribution deal for Canada with Rick Lalande, a long-time sales director of Head in the same country. Besides North America and Iceland, 66° North sells into ten European countries (including Greenland and the Faröe Islands). Fizan, the Italian brand of poles, is now covering the German market directly following the bankrupcy of its local distributor, Everest. As reported earlier, Camelbak, which was equally distributed by Everest, merged its distribution for the sports and bicycle retail channels into the operations of Hermann Hartje, a German bicycle wholesaler which has been selling Camelbak into bike shops for a while. Reportedly, the brand Climb X, which was also handled by Everest, is about to seal a new distribution deal for Germany. Everest was the successor company to SPS, a distribution company which went belly-up three years ago after a few bad winter seasons. SPS was the regional distributor of Alpina, the Slovenian footwear brand, and before, for many years, of Elan, the ski company from the same country.