(SGI) Held online in a virtual format, the annual general assembly of Intersport International Corp. (IIC) elected today a Canadian industry veteran, Rick White, as its new chairman. White, who is known for his operational efficiency, takes the place of Jussi Mikkola from Finland, who retired as general manager of Intersport Finland and Kesko’s other sports and leisure retail operations a few days ago. Officially, White currently acts as an “advisor” to Canadian Tire Corp., which acquired Forzani Group, the licensee of the Intersport operation in Canada, in 2011. A manager with 35 years of experience, he has been involved with the Intersport brand since 1994. Between 2004 and 2014, he served as senior vice president and chief marketing officer for Forzani and FGL Sports before running Mark’s Work Wearhouse, a big chain of clothing and footwear stores bought by the same group in 2001. As Canadian Tire’s representative for its Intersport license, White joined IIC’s board one year ago.

Steve Evers, chief executive of IIC, told us that White’s election should not be interpreted as a sign that Intersport is planning to make its long-awaiting move into the U.S. market in the short term. On the other hand, he said that IIC should be in a position to announce its entry into two other markets within the next six months, but declined to name them.

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