Martin van Urk, the general manager of Lafuma Nederland, has left the Dutch subsidiary of the French outdoor and action sports company, after it was restructured to focus entirely on the Lafuma and Oxbow brands. When it comes to the Lafuma brand, the Dutch team is to concentrate on camping equipment, particularly sleeping bags, backpacks and garden furniture, while apparel will no longer be in focus. Meanwhile, the distribution of Le Chameau, the brand of boots owned by the Lafuma group, will be taken over from next year by Mikx, a wholesaler dealing with accessories for hunting and outdoor activities. The team at Lafuma Nederland is led by Richard Vogels and temporarily supervised by Sébastien Willefert, assistant director of international development at the Lafuma group. Willefert left his job as product line manager for Berghaus in continental Europe, with a focus on German-speaking countries and Scandinavia, to join the Lafuma group at the end of January, based in Anneyron.