Sub Zero Technology, the British brand of technical baselayers, down and waterproof apparel, is eyeing the Chinese market and is about to seal various distribution deals there. The plan is to have not just one general distributor for the country, but to divide it into different regions for which the respective distributorships will be granted to different companies. Sub Zero has a long tradition of selling into Asia, notably to South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong. The brand generates some 60 percent of its total sales in the region. One interesting aspect about the brand's operations in the Far East in relation to its trade name is the fact that its share of production in the Asia-Pacific area is zero. 90 percent of the Sub Zero collection is manufactured in the U.K., and the remaining 10 percent in other European countries. Meanwhile, the company has announced increased marketing efforts in the home market where, as the company frankly admits, it has lost some ground over the past few years. The U.K. business currently amounts to just £400,000 (€496,554-$641,246).