Logo%20SGi%20N%26B.ai Hubert Schöffel, a pioneer of the outdoor industry, died at the age of 88 on Aug. 8. He played a major role at the German family-owned producer of outdoor and ski clothing, which recently celebrated 50 years in the outdoor sector. Hubert Schöffel ran the family business for three decades. In autumn 1967, he switched the company's business focus from streetwear to more technical outdoor clothing and decided to build a new factory. The breakthrough came when Schöffel partnered with Gore-Tex in the ‘80s. Schöffel and Gore had an agreement: Gore would handle everything related to marketing and advertising, irrespective of the cost, and Schöffel would handle everything related to the product and operations. Founded in 1804 in Schwabmünchen, the company is now managed by the 7th generation of the family in the person of Peter Schöffel, overseeing a team of 200 people.