If all goes well, Sharma Climbing will be opening a new climbing gym in Madrid late in the autumn. This will be the young company's second gym, after the one in Barcelona. At 4,000 square meters, it will be the largest climbing gym in Spain. Its three floors will accommodate a gymnasium for functional training, two multi-use halls, a store and a space for socializing, with a bar, like the smaller gym in Barcelona. There will be about 200 rope climbs, 200 boulders and an official speed wall. The staff will number at least 20. Sharma Climbing was founded in 2015 by Chris Sharma, the American climber who won the silver medal at the Climbing World Championships in 1997. With his wife, Jimena Alarcón, he opened his first gym in Barcelona's Poble Nou neighborhood. About 60 percent of the clientele in Barcelona is made up of locals, with tourists accounting for most of the balance. For now most customers are male, generally aged 20-35, but the objective in both gyms is to draw a new public to climbing. Sharma is not averse to opening other gyms, but there are none on the horizon yet. The plan is to grow the business with the extant locations. In 2018, Sharma Climbing's turnover grew by 25 percent year-on-year.