In a preliminary statement, the Lafuma Group reported today a 10.0 drop in its total turnover in local currencies and on a pro-forma basis for the financial year ended last Dec. 31, pointing out that the decline was in line with its profitable growth strategy. Sales fell by 9.2 percent in the Mountain & Outdoor segment and by 22.6 percent in the Surf segment (the Oxbow brand), but rose by 2.5 percent in Furniture (for camping). They went down by 12.3 percent in France and by 6.7 percent in the rest of the world. In terms of reported euros, the group's turnover fell by 10.5 percent to €173.3 million, with a decline of 10.1 percent in Mountain & Outdoor to €110.4 million. They plunged down by 22.6 percent to €30.0 million in Surf, and inched up by 2.3 percent to €32.9 million in Furniture. Out of the total turnover, €97.2 million was generated in France. More details, also on profitability, are due to be announced on March 16.