In the first quarter of its 2011-12 fiscal year, ended last Dec. 31, Lafuma Groupe increased its overall sales by 4.4 percent to €54.7 million, marking the highest quarterly growth in three years. Sales in France dipped by 2.2 percent to €31.4 million, while the international business grew by 14.7 percent to €23.3 million. The satisfactory foreign revenues came from mostly Asia, the U.S. and northern Europe. By brand, the big winner was the country division under the Le Chameau flag, which jumped by 11.4 percent to €6.0 million. The mountaineering brands Eider and Millet were up by 8.5 percent and reached €26.5 million. The Lafuma brand recorded an increase of 4.4 percent to €14.2 million, while Oxbow, the group's surf label, dropped by 11 percent to €8.0 million.