Lancaster University has joined forces with the Pentland Group, the owner of Berghaus and many other brands and retail interests, to open the Pentland Centre for research into sustainable business. The center is meant to draw on expertise from all faculties within Lancaster University, including the Lancaster University Management School, which is described as one of the U.K.'s top business schools, and the Lancaster University Environment Centre, which is one of the leading environmental research centers in Europe. Professor Gail Whiteman is to lead the Pentland Centre as the Rubin Chair for Sustainability in Business, named after the family behind the Pentland Group. She previously spent more than a decade at the Rotterdam School of Management and had a career in academia as well as the private sector, in advertising and marketing. Whiteman also spent time living with the Cree (indigenous Canadians), as part of her PhD at Canada's Queens School of Business. She will continue studying Arctic sea-ice change, bringing a team of researchers with her. She described her assignment as bringing together outstanding people in science, business and local communities, and to boil down messages to make the science understandable for leaders in business. The objective is to find more sustainable ways of working, which can be applied and scaled by business.