A district court in Oregon has dismissed a complaint from Gilmar, the Italian apparel company that markets its own Iceberg brand, that Icebreaker's brand name hurts the trademark rights of Gilmar in the U.S. The judge did not see any infringement of intellectual property rights. Reportedly, Jeremy Moon, the chief executive of the merino wool company from New Zealand, welcomed the decision of the U.S. court, but declined to comment further since there are other legal actions between the two parties pending in other countries. At this point, Icebreaker execs were not available to explain which countries precisely, but as a matter of fact, Gilmar has been trying over the past years to win legal disputes on behalf of Iceberg in various countries such as Canada and countries within the EU, notably the U.K. and Germany. We have heard of no major victory of Gilmar over Icebreaker so far.