Apparently, the trade war between in the U.S. and China is unlikely to end soon, with dire consequences for many outdoor companies, including non-U.S. companies that deliver China-made products to the U.S. President Xi of China warned his citizens that they may be facing another Long March on the issue. On Monday, U.S. President Donald Trump said he was not yet ready to make a deal with China, although he expected to have one in the future, adding that U.S. tariffs on Chinese imports could still go up substantially. Of course, much of this is war rhetoric, but in the short term, the U.S. stance is that U.S. import duties will go up on June 24 by an additional 25 percent on many products including most apparel and footwear items plus bikes and various outdoor equipment products such as backpacks, sports bags, camp chairs and camp stoves. The Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) of the U.S. sent a letter to the White House, noting that its members have already been affected by tariffs that went into effect last September. They already pay about $750 million in import duties on an annual basis.