BSI, the German federation of sporting goods manufacturers, has abruptly ousted its managing director, Adalbert von der Osten who has served for eight years in the job, with effect from June 30. The official explanation for the decision by the board was differing positions on the development of the federation. BSI's statement says that a trustworthy cooperation had become impossible, leading to the separation. Von der Osten has been replaced by Nicole Espey who has been with BSI since October 2011. She was in charge of the liaison between BSI and various European committees. She is committed to environmental issues. BSI officials were not available for further comment but sources close to the federation's inner circle told this publication that von der Osten's ousting had nothing to do with the organization of the upcoming European Outdoor Summit, which will be hosted by BSI in Germany in mid-October. It was also unrelated to the sudden replacement of Andreas Schechinger from Tatonka by Andy Schimeck from Marmot at the top of Fachgruppe Outdoor, BSI's special committee in charge of the outdoor industry. We hear that von der Osten was as much surprised as Schechinger.