Crocs has reported victories against counterfeiters in the courts of Shanghai and Dongguan. Between March 13 and Sept. 27, 18 people were sentenced in the two courts to a combined total of more than 46 years in prison and fines of more than $450,000. Out of them, 17 people were declared guilty of counterfeiting, and two were additionally sentenced for offering bribes. The 18th individual was only convicted of bribery. The criminals were no smallscale counterfeiters: Recent investigations carried out in connection with the case uncovered no less than 128,752 pairs of faked Crocs shoes, with a market value of around $9.5 million. Until last September, police raids made at various Chinese factories in the context of 35 different criminal actions, mainly in Guangdong, Shanghai and the province of Fujiang, Chinese customs and other authorities have confiscated a total of no less than 600,000 pairs of counterfeited Crocs footwear.