A long-standing dispute between the Danish footwear company Ecco and the Danish Tax Agency has finally been settled. The transfer pricing case was related to the company’s taxable income for 2005. The Danish Western High Court has ruled that Ecco did not break the rules for so-called transfer pricing. In 2011, the Danish Central Tax Administration (SKAT – today the Danish Tax Agency) found that Ecco’s taxable income for 2005 should be increased discretionarily, but the Danish Western High Court has now set aside this discretionary increase. The issue at stake was whether or not SKAT’s discretionary transfer pricing correction was justified. The Danish Ministry of Taxation has not brought the case before the Supreme Court, hence the judgment is conclusive. Ecco was represented before the Danish courts by Copenhagen-based law firm Plesner. Lasse Esbjerg Christensen and Jef Nymand Hounsgaard from Plesner argued the case before the court.