The French organizers of outdoor sports events have launched the Collectif Événementiel Sportif Outdoor (CESO; ”Outdoor Sport Events Collective”), a joint initiative to boost post-pandemic recovery. Since the cancellation of the Paris Half Marathon on March 1, 2020, 95 percent of outdoor sports events in France have been canceled due to the coronavirus crisis. Around 14,000 outdoor sports events are organized each year in the country. Thousands of jobs and some of the events themselves are at stake. The initiative is backed by the French Athletics Federation (FFA), French Cycling Federation (FFC), French Triathlon Federation (F.F.TRI.), UNIMEV, Union Sport & Cycle, Sporsora, and Outdoor Sports Valley (OSV). The group intends to alert the public authorities to the difficulties of the sector and wishes to obtain the rapid resumption of their events, for example by organizing a limited number of pilot events from spring 2021. The CESO also aims at the extension of the various support schemes for event companies until the resumption of outdoor sports events.