The Outdoor Industries Association (OIA), the trade body of the U.K. outdoor industry, has announced a members' forum on counterfeiting, which will take place in London on Oct. 24. The OIA has teamed up with SnapDragon Monitoring, one of its members, and UDL, an intellectual property law firm, to deliver the forum. The event is free for OIA members, while non-members from across the outdoor industries will be charged a £20 (€22.8-$24.9) attendance fee, to help cover the cost of the event. The presentations will cover a wide range of intellectual property (IP) rights and infringements. According to data from the European Union (EU) Office for Intellectual Property (EUIPO), the global volume of trade in counterfeit goods is estimated at 3.3 percent of world trade. The imports of counterfeit goods into the EU from the rest of the world are now estimated at 6.8 percent of total EU imports. Counterfeiting involves not only clothing but also, and increasingly, safety equipment and digital products.