On June 20, five days after the publication of its stellar results for the last financial year (see the article in this issue), Canada Goose announced a secondary offering for 10 million subordinate voting shares by three of its shareholders, corresponding to about 9 percent of its equity. Bain Capital, which acquired a majority stake in the company in 2013, is offering to sell 8,400,000 of its 47,763,742 shares. Dani Reiss, the chief executive and former major shareholder, will sell 1,500,000 of his 23,156,650 shares. The company's chief financial officer, John Black, plans to sell 100,000 of his 178,271 shares. The offering is not priced, but based on the current share price of $58.88, which is down from around $63 at the time of the announcement, Bain would get $495 million, Reiss $88.3 million and Black $5.9 million.