On March 7, Mogens Arens, the owner of Oase Outdoors, the Danish maker of camping equipment and marketer of the brands Outwell, Robens and Easy Camp, passed away after a long illness. Arens was 74. He founded Oase Outdoors and ran the company between 1984 and 2004 when he handed over his operational duties to his son Henrik, but he continued to assist him until the end of his life. The late Arens started his career in 1962 as a sales manager with Jysk Camping and the company's brand of awnings for caravans, Isabella. In 1966, he became managing partner of the same company. In 1972, he took over Jysk entirely. Bringing in his experience from the caravanning business and well aware of the rising importance of the outdoor category, Arens moved, in 1984, into tents for both trekking and recreational camping.