Source: Apple

iPhone14 Plus Emergency SOS

Along with its new iPhone 14 models, which are now capable of sending emergency calls via satellite (including automated calls after a fall or accident like the Apple Watch before), Apple has unveiled the new adventure-focused Watch Ultra. Still high-priced, the products are more focused on the outdoor and sports sectors than ever before but hit the fan base at a time of high inflation. Apple said the new iPhone 14’s satellite SOS will work with emergency responders. Also, in certain situations, users can use their FindMy app to transmit their location via satellite when they have no other connection. The service will be free with the iPhone 14 for two years. The new Series 8 Apple Watch Ultra has a larger battery to last through events like triathlons, better waterproofing and temperature resistance for outdoor use, as well as better GPS tracking for sports.


Source: Apple

New Apple Watch Ultra