Berghaus has started teasing a large-scale advertising campaign focusing on the ways in which outdoor activities and the brand can help to deal with the chaos and pressures of contemporary life. The advertising campaign starting in September across print and digital media, radio and TV is part of a five-year investment to increase awareness of the British outdoor brand among consumers. The message is based on extensive research on the evolving relationship between consumers and the outdoors, and what motivates people to take part in outdoor activities. Chris Tattersall, head of brand management at Berghaus, said in a statement that the brand was pointing out in an ironic way some of the superficial things most people do as part of their hectic way of life, and presenting Berghaus as the antidote. The campaign was developed with the VCCP agency. Berghaus is marking the launch of the campaign, “Time to get out,” with an installation at the London Design Biennale in Somerset House on Sept. 4 through 23.