CamelBak introduced two new product lines to its portfolio, opening new product segments to the company. The typical hydration packs are now being offered to trail-runners and stand-up paddlers, which is a big trend in the U.S. For the trail-running segment, CamelBak developed a run-specific hydration vest that allows runners to carry the weight on hips as opposed to shoulders, allowing for free shoulder movement. The stand-up paddling vest has been developed together with athletes in this sports category in order to ensure all the specific technical requirements and features are included. The vest also allows for free movement as the weight is centered on the hips. Integrated components, such as the paddle holster, stretch overflow storage that can accommodate an inflatable PFD and a safety whistle, differentiate the hydration vest for stand-up paddlers from other hydration options. Both products will be available from February 2012.