Cocona has released the results of research conducted at the University of Colorado that shows the thermoregulatory benefits of wearing garments with 37.5 fabric during intense athletic activity. Cocona, a provider of active-particles technology to the sportswear market, is the maker of the 37.5 cooling fabric, used by outdoor apparel and footwear brands. The blind study conducted by the University of Colorado proved that by reducing the increase in core temperature during exercise with the help of the innovative 37.5 active-particle technology, energy efficiency and power output increased to dramatic levels. The 37.5 technology captures and releases moisture vapor to maintain the optimum relative humidity in the user's microclimate. The experiment blindly compared three different fabrics — a standard t-shirt available from major athletic brands, an otherwise identical 37.5 t-shirt, and an ice vest and sleeves - while participants were monitored on a stationary bicycle maintaining a required level of intensity. The athletes were tested before, during and after the activity for various physiological parameters including core temperature, skin temperature, sweat rate, oxygen intake, carbon dioxide output, and blood levels. The results of the study were first presented by Eric P. Homestead, the physiologist who is the first author of the study, at the American College of Sport Medicine's 63rd Annual Meeting in Boston, on June 2.