Since the Swiss Scott Sports Group took over the Italian shoe and clothing brand three years ago, Dolomite has been gradually realigned, and its profile has been sharpened. The aim was to bring back the strength of the brand and its Italian roots. The labeling has been updated, and there are more details and references to the long history of the brand. Accordingly, there is again a “first ascent” collection, including models that are reminiscent of the first ascent of the K2 or the Dhaulagiri, in which the old Italian outdoor brand participated. The collection is aimed at both sports and fashion retailers. In addition to Dolomite, whose sales have grown under its ownership, the Scott Sports Group’s brand portfolio also includes Scott, Poivre Blanc and Powderhorn. Scott Sports also holds the European license for the Outdoor Research brand from Seattle, Washington. All the brands were well presented in the group’s redesigned stand at the last Ispo Munich show.