Backpack manufacturer Gregory announced a streamlining of the next two seasonal collections, starting with the autumn/winter season 2020, after which around 80 percent of this year’s collection will remain current for the spring/summer collection 2021. Gregory’s aim is to keep the value of the products stable and, in cooperation with retailers, create more time for sales at normal prices. We have already reported on similar measures taken by Salewa, Dynafit and La Sportiva earlier to alleviate the effects of the current coronavirus pandemic. For next winter, the backpack specialist from Salt Lake City, Utah, is removing the previously announced new Detour and Supply Duffle products from the collection. At the same time, products that were scheduled to be discontinued by July 31 will be extended accordingly. However, Lars Föll, general manager Europe of Gregory, revealed that there will be one or two brand new products to look forward to, strictly limited to absolute product innovations and product categories that are in increasing demand in the present time.

Photo: © Gregory Mountain Products