Hanwag has presented its new concept called “Real Custom Made,” which enables the customer to get a perfectly fitting pair of hiking boots even if the hiker has two different-sized feet or feet that differ significantly from the norm. Hanwag's initiative is the first of its type in the sector of mountaineering boots: Retailers who have the appropriate technology can create three-dimensional scans of the customer's feet and send them directly to the factory, where Hanwag manufactures an individual pair of boots according to the transmitted data. It will take four to six weeks until the customer receives the shoes. Starting with the model “Alaska GTX” and possibly followed by the “Yukon,” the real custom pair of boots will cost €790 at retail prices. Hanwag will launch this initiative with a scanner to be found at the Globetrotter store in Munich, followed by one or two more high-profile retailers in the Netherlands and in Sweden. The concept won one of the Gold industry awards at this OutDoor show.