In yet another effort to strengthen its collection with more functionality and technology, Kailas, the big Chinese outdoor brand, has teamed up with Polygiene, the Swedish supplier of anti-odor technology. The new partnership was announced at the last Asia Outdoor show in Nanjing, China, by Christian von Uthmann, chief executive of Polygiene. The contract also applies to the Chinese collection of Vaude, which is marketed by Kailas in the country. Polygiene conducted a comparative study of Sweden and China on the need to reduce the number of washes needed for a garment. The company's proposal is to keep a high level of hygiene in apparel even when the clothing is washed less often, and to lower the environmental impact through fewer washes. The result of the study is that a reduction of washes is critical in China with its lack of water. Polygiene says that reduced frequency lowers the impact on the environment even faster in China than in Sweden due to the heavy environmental challenges that China faces. A reduction from six to five washes for all garments would have a significant effect on the environmental footprint in the country.