Kathmandu, the New Zealand outdoor retailer, is launching its first global brand campaign, “World Ready.” The aim is to reach European and U.S. consumers as well as people in the brand's domestic markets, New Zealand and Australia. In Europe, Kathmandu plans to focus principally on the German and U.K. market. Many 25- to 35-year-olds – the brand's target market – have been to New Zealand or Australia and may have already heard of the brand. The campaign also seeks to reflect the brand's values. In 2018, for instance, Kathmandu recycled 6.7 million plastic bottles into its gear, as the company explains in its most recent report on sustainability, available on the Corporate Responsibility page of its website. In 2019, Kathmandu will be using various projects to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the global-travel trend and promote responsible travelling. In spring 2019, the brand will begin cooperating with National Geographic, Google and GoPro, among others. It is currently looking for a German outdoor retailer to be an exclusive partner with which to carry out the 360° marketing campaign in the German market. One place where the New Zealand company will be seeking out representatives is Ispo Munich.