Mammut has identified that some products in batches 12/12 and 03/13 of the “RescYou” crevasse rescue device do not meet the functional requirements. The “RescYou” is supposed to simplify the rescue of any team member who falls into a crevasse thanks to a six-fold pulley allowing the weight of the fallen person to be lifted with little physical effort. During a regular internal quality check, Mammut's experts discovered that in two batches of these products, the pulley's orange reverse lock does not lock sufficiently and the rope can slip back to its starting position. This means that it is no longer possible to rescue a person from a crevasse or to climb out oneself in the event of a fall. In order to prevent any risk for users, Mammut is asking all customers who possess a “RescYou” (item no. 2210-01160) from production batch 12/12 or 03/13 (available for purchase in-store since June 10, 2013) to stop using the product immediately and return it.