Myant, a start-up company from Toronto, has launched on Kickstarter a crowdfunding campaign to bring to market a product called Skiincore, a new smart, self-heating and wire-free base layer concept comprising separate top and leggings. Skiincore features a conductive yarn that holds 18 watts of heating power from a battery, generating heat for up to eight hours when set on its lowest settings. When the temperature drops, the heating element will automatically switch on, turning off when it senses that the wearer's body is about to get too warm. Thanks to machine-learning capabilities, the technology senses when the user is moving and learns to automatically adapt to the user's lifestyle and ideal temperature over time. The heating element is placed in between the sweat-wicking synthetic inner layer and the heat-trapping wool outer layer. Skiincore is said to be suitable for winter sports as well as everyday wear.