Nemo Equipment is introducing its new Canon -40 sleeping bag, designed for warmth and comfort in the harshest climates on earth. The bag hugs your body and moves with you as you sleep. Its hood has a Stove Pipe tunnel opening that keeps a pocket of warm air near your face so breathing isn't uncomfortable; PrimaLoft insulation prevents any effects from the moisture from your breath. The hood and shoulders are designed like a parka, and it has an internal draft collar and shock cord on the back of the hood so you can adjust it. Zippered arm openings allow you to eat or do other things in your tent while still keeping on your sleeping bag, and can vent warmth out when conditions aren't so frigid. For more delicate fine-tuning, Thermal Gills let air out without letting cold air in. Special vertical baffles ensure that the down stuffing doesn't settle to the bottom, keeping distribution even, and the Canon -40 has a Toester Box, a foot box with a built-in layer of PrimaLoft insulation. Nemo expects to launch the bag this autumn.