Source: Wrightsock

Eco Explore crew sock

Wrightsock, founded in 1948 in Burlington, North Carolina, will be launching high-quality eco socks made from Unifi’s Repreve yarn this spring. Repreve is produced using recycled plastic waste. Compared to conventional polyester, Repreve uses 45 percent less energy, emits 30 percent less CO2 and requires 20 percent less water in production, while using discarded plastic. Wrightsock’s new eco hiking socks, called Eco Explore, are made using the brand’s patented double-layer system. According to the manufacturer, the design reliably prevents blisters from forming because the friction that would otherwise occur between the skin, sock and shoe is shifted between the two layers of socks. In addition, possible sweat moisture is quickly transported from the inner to the outer layer, which keeps the feet drier. Two PET bottles are processed per pair. This results in the following material composition: Repreve inside 70 percent, outside 68 percent; 4 percent Lycra inside; 24 percent nylon and 8 percent Lycra outside.