With its smart wristband Bluon.me, the young Milan-based company Bluon provides a cost-effective and safe solution to the worries and fears of many parents: to be able to find children again in case of an emergency. The NFC (Near Field Communication) chip integrated in the colourful wristband provides all the important information about the person in question. As soon as the bracelet is scanned with a smartphone, tablet or notebook or the website printed on the bracelet is called up, an automatic chat bot guides the finder step by step through the process of contacting the family members. It is also possible to initiate a call or send a text message (SMS, WhatsApp or Messenger). The smart bracelet, which weighs 2 grams, is handmade in Italy from a skin-friendly elastomer and requires no battery, maintenance, charging or SIM cards - the passive electronic circuit works absolutely safely without any radio waves. It is also waterproof and fireproof.


Source: Bluon