Norrøna is launching Unstad, a range of wetsuits intended for arctic surfing, which will become available after the summer. The Norwegian outdoor and winter sports apparel and footwear company acknowledges that the potential of the latest range is quite small in terms of sales, but it consistently targets the more adventurous part of the active population. Unstad aims to protect arctic surfers with wetsuits made of naturaprene, to reduce their impact on the environment. Naturaprene is a type of neoprene made of natural rubber foam harvested from rubber trees in Asia, rather than from petroleum or limestone. Norrøna says its neoprene is laminated to recycled polyester on the face and back of the rubber foam, with water-based glue that is solvent-free. The boots and gloves will still be made with traditional neoprene, until Norrøna manages to convert them. The Unstad range will be sold only through Norrøna's own stores, its online store and a surf shop at Unstad, a beach in Lofoten, which often picks up the swell from the Arctic Ocean and gave its name to the range. Norrøna indicates that its sales continued to grow in the last winter season, despite the less than optimal winter conditions.