Patagonia has launched a capsule collection made from reclaimed or alternatively-sourced fabrics. The company said the new Truth to Materials collection is meant to re-imagine the source of raw materials. The collection includes an undyed cashmere snap-t pullover and cardigan, a reclaimed cotton hoody and crew, a reclaimed wool jacket and parka, and a reclaimed down scarf. The reclaimed wool used by Patagonia is made from discarded wool sweaters that are shredded into usable fiber and mixed with polyester and nylon for strength. The reclaimed cotton is from TAL Group in China and Malaysia, which has been saving cotton scraps by sweeping the floors of its factories since 2011. This cutting-room scrap is then spun into fabrics. Patagonia's undyed cashmere is hand-harvested by Mongolian goat herders. The colors of the yarns are as nature intended - whites, browns and tans.