Peak Performance of Sweden has launched a collection designed by Ben Gorham, founder of Byredo, a Swedish brand of fragrances, leathergoods, eyewear and other items. In Peak Performance's view, “Possessions of My Soul” attempts to connect the urban and outdoor segments. It is a unisex outdoor collection made with technical fabrics and merino wools but intended for no specific outdoor activity. The colors are borrowed from the greys of the rock formations and mountains around Riksgränsen, a Swedish ski lodge north of the Arctic Circle from whose landscape and shifting weather Gorham drew his inspiration. For Gorham, everything had to be not just lightweight and packable – indeed, every garment folds away into its own pocket – but also able to handle anything from low temperatures and rain to the comforts of springtime. According to Peak Performance, all materials are cut and dyed “with sustainability in mind.” The company is based in Stockholm.