Polartec has released a new version of its NeoShell waterproof fabric, specifically designed for Teton Bros, the Japanese apparel brand. The new NeoShell has been tailor-made for Teton Bros' Special Edition Jacket. Teton, which makes apparel for high-exertion activity in mountainous areas, was one of the first brands to use Polartec NeoShell when it was first introduced. Polartec develops version of NeoShell with different fabrics on either side of the membrane which can be adapted to obtain different performances. The NeoShell that has recently been created for Teton is described as a more supple, 70-denier mechanical stretch nylon woven fabric balancing drape and stretch, with high durability for greater mobility in the body of the garment. In addition, an abrasion resistant and durable nylon woven face NeoShell fabric was developed for use over the shoulders and waist of the jacket. These features of the Polartec NeoShell are exclusive to Teton Bros.