Polartec will present a lighter version of its two-year-old Power Air fabric at Ispo Munich 2020. The polyester fabric is made from a single yarn, is fully recyclable and has a higher content (73 percent) of post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin. It works by encapsulating air-trapping fibers. This results in a warm, comfortable and breathable end product that sheds at least five times fewer microfibers than other premium mid-layer fabrics. The Swedish outdoor brand Houdini is the first company to offer a fleece jacket made from the fabric: the Houdini Mono Air Houdi. It will be shown at the Ispo Munich fair and be available online immediately. Eva Karlsson, chief executive of Houdini, said that the Mono Air Houdi embodies the company’s goal of creating products that work with nature, not at nature’s expense. This aligns with the brand’s objective to be the first fully circular outdoor company in the world. And indeed, 72 percent of the models in Houdini‘s autumn/winter 2020/21 collection are already made from at least 50 percent recycled fiber that is itself recyclable. In addition to the Mono Air Houdi, the new autumn/winter 2020/21 collection offers other innovative pieces, including a complete range of hard shells designed for mountaineering and skiing, as well as a series of extremely comfortable base- and mid-layers.