Backcountry Access (BCA) has announced a software update specifically and exclusively for its Tracker2 avalanche transceivers. The company recommends all owners of Tracker2 to make use of this update. The update improves functionality in power saving mode. After 12 hours of no user input, Tracker2 will enter power save mode and will begin to emit an audible beep every two minutes to indicate that you are in power save mode. In this mode, Tracker2’s transmit pulse may slightly differ from the international standard. All brands of avalanche transceivers must operate to the same international standard to ensure interoperability. To keep the transceiver out of power save mode, simply turn the transceiver off and on again or check the battery level at least once a day.

BCA also strongly recommends that all users follow the best practices described in the Tracker2 manual to ensure that all transceivers are functioning properly before moving to the backcountry. This includes a transceiver trailhead test each time you use Tracker2, which routinely checks that all transceivers in your group are transmitting and receiving properly and that your Tracker2 has adequate battery power.

The software update is available only for the BCA Tracker2 model. For more information visit