Sanitized is introducing Odoractiv 10, an odor-management antimicrobial product for functional polyester textiles. According to the Swiss specialist in antimicrobial hygiene function, Odoractiv 10 has a dual-action effect. It prevents the bacteria from attaching to the textile and at the same time, it absorbs odors whilst the garment is being worn. This new odor-control function is meant to create added value for both consumers and the companies adopting the product for their garments. The cause of the undesirable odor effect on polyester textiles is not human perspiration itself, but the bacteria that break down the perspiration, which generate a pungent smell. Once the bacteria, or the odor molecules, have been absorbed by the surface of the polyester fabric, they remain there permanently, and neither machine washing nor special detergents will completely eliminate them. In addition to the unpleasant odors, bacteria also generate a biofilm on the polyester that has a negative impact on the properties of the material. Odoractiv 10 is said to create a protective film on the surface of the textile. The bacteria therefore get completely washed out in a normal wash cycle, preventing the formation of any biofilm on the surface of the textile. Meanwhile, Odoractiv 10 traps and removes odors during the wash cycle, Sanitized explains.